Hungry Yogi

Arcade Style Games


Not so long ago, in a park, there lived a bear called Yogi. Like other bears he ate the remnants that people left in the park on picnics. One day Yogi got a letter from his friend, who wrote him that people have got lots of delightful food in their pantry. Although Yogi was very afraid of people, his hunger was much stronger than his fear. He decided to go to a man's house and take what bears like most. But a trip there wasn't so nice or eases. First of all, people lock their houses. They also have lots of different equipment, which might be very dangerous to a small bear. But the worst are those creatures that often live in people's houses - the mice - everybody knows that the bears can't stand them. So, getting to a pantry might seem almost impossible, but for such a clever bear as Yogi there are no obstacles. To kill his hunger Yogi must get from pantry at least 3 jars of honey.

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