GreenFace the Virtual Reality

Arcade Style Games


An fun mix of several classic games such as BoulderDash, Dig Dug, Pac Man and BomberMan. It features HiColor 3D rendered graphics, 96 levels in four different themes, awesome music and and great sound effects. GreenFace the Virtual Reality is a challenge for every puzzle lover on the planet, and is suitable for the entire family as it contains no violence. In GreenFace the Virtual Reality, the player must guide Murphy through the malicious Virtual Reality project of the evil Dr. Mendor - who plans to trap the entire population of the World in it - and to collect small pieces of information ( infotrons ) that will help Murphy find out how to free the people. In this exciting adventure, Murphy will face strange monsters, will have to pick up and wisely place explosives, but also move fast in order to avoid the little informational guards who are relentlessly attempting to stop him.

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