Arcade Style Games


Goal is to collect "$" symbols, diamonds and armored cars. When you catch the armored car, 3 diamonds will appear (in case that there isn't anyone on the map). On the top of the screen you can see an arrow. This arrow is pointing toward armored car. If you see diamond symbol, you have to collect diatoms. You can see how many of them are on map. There are also police cars. Try to avoid them, because they want to catch you! When you collect anything, you will get some moneys(points), but you have to take them home (green H on the map). If you are on this symbol(you are home), the police can't catch you. You can also place BOMBs... Just press the <ctrl> key... The other thing is FUEL... When you are moving, you are losing fuel. When the fuel ran out, you lost life! You can get more fuel by stopping on gas station. Yellow "FUEL" on the road...

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