GJ Galactic Invaders

Arcade Style Games


This is a fun Shoot-Em-Up game for all the Family. If you like the shoot-em-ups, of yesteryear. then you will enjoy this one. There are FIVE games, each containing six levels, within GJ Galactic Invaders, (Full Game Only). making 30 levels in all. Each level gets harder has you go on Different Power-ups for most levels Stats and Info Pages for each level. (stats not available in the demo) Passwords for each level. (no passwords in the demo) High Score Table. (not available in the demo) The games are : 1: Asteroids. ( shoot everything in sight) 2: Space Rescue. (get your men back to the mothership) 3: Astro Invaders. (get them before they get you) 4: Galactic Attack.( watch out for the attackers from the sides) 5: Galactic Battle. (shoot and dodge the enemy)

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