Burgerama (Pocket PC)

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Like fastfood places? How about running one? Burgerama puts you to work at a fastfood joint, where you have to arrange orders. There are different game objects, like drinks, pepper shakers, french fries, ice cream and burgers, of course. Your objective is to arrange them in a certain formation that is displayed in the lower right corner. When you form your order correctly, the objects disappear and you get points. The rules change every level, so you have to come up with a new strategy every time. Plus, there is a bonus formation for rush orders (different from a regular one) that awards you extra points, when done correctly. Plus, you get bonus objects, like cash, Easter eggs and bombs. Essentially, Burgerama is a very creative remake of lines. You start out very low as a cleaning person who just joined the company. As you get more and more skilled, you get promoted. Your final objective is to become the Big Boss of Burgerama. But that surely won’t be easy, because the game gets to be real difficult. Although, there is nothing impossible if one strongly wishes something and wants to put in his or her time into it. Conveniently, the program saves the last game standings, so when you exit the game, you don’t have to start the game over next time. There are three upbeat original soundtracks that will keep you pepped up. The trial version is distributed at no charge to you. Try Burgerama FREE now!

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