Blackjack: Learn to Count

3D Action Games


Blackjack: Learn to Count - Learn to count cards like a pro! Includes 9 interactive lessons from basic strategy to advanced card counting technique, individual profiles, and statistic tracking for each user. Monitor your progress as you practice each lesson and playing Blackjack in the casino-style game also included with Blackjack: Learn to Count. Add up to 4 computer players to your table to simulate playing in a real casino environment! You can also choose to have opponents at your table play with their cards face-down to simulate a single-deck "pitch" game. You choose the number of decks to play with, the table limit to play with, and even how much you buy in for. This is the perfect tool to teach any level of Blackjack player how to play and count cards like a pro! Increase your odds of beating the house by learning techniques that are 100% legal - what the Casinos just don't want you to know - with Blackjack: Learn to Count. Some features have been disabled in the trial version that are available with the full version of this software.


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