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Features Programmable rules - Set rules to match most casinos. Programmable strategies - Use a different basic, card counting, betting, and insurance strategy for each player. Multiple players - Play with any combination of 1 to 7 human or computer players. Simulations - Use computer players to test the effectiveness of different blackjack strategies. Practice Basic Strategy - With the help of three practice modes, show, warn, and force play. Auto Play - Automatically select the correct play with one button. This feature can be used to quickly drill through the cards when practicing card counting. Cheat - Setup any blackjack play by seeing and moving cards in the shoe. Sound effects - Enhance game play. Save game - Stop and continue your game where you left off. Instruction manual - Help file with blackjack rules and game instructions. Small footprint - The entire program fits easily on a single 1.44MB floppy.


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