Pool game rules pdf hindi in title

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Pool game rules pdf hindi in description



Goldgun is a DirectX Arcade Game based on classic Games sutch as MegaBall Space Invaders or Moohrhuhn. The Game is coming with a view fresh...

Bubble Thriller 2


Bubble Thriller is a new arcade game. Rules are simple - pop the bubbles of same color and keep the board clear. Why call it "thriller"?...

Zillions of Games 2

Zillions Development

Get ready to play Reversi, Checkers, Chinese Chess, Blobs, Vertical Tic-Tac-Toe, Mini-Go, Mini-Shogi, 'Losing' Chess, Dodgem, Jungle, Fox...


Klaas Bonnema

Kalaha 2.3 is the ultimate Mancala game. With Kalaha 2.3 you can play any 2 row Mancala variation. You can change the number of holes and stones or...

Chinese Checkers Master

Guardian Games

Logical 5 Board Game


An addictive board game for 1 or 2 Players. Playing against computer is a real challenge! 2 player mode inclued. Freeware. Game Rules: Make at...



Mike's Cards

Mike Sedore

Well over 100 card games (solitaire, contemporary, casino, kid's); Save and load game state in mid-gameplay; Full, elegant, in-game rules for...

NET Cards

Atlantida Software

NET Cards is a multiplayer game which allows people to play any game of cards over the Internet. The application itself is not aware of any card game...

Prehistoric Blackjack


When you open the Prehistoric Blackjack you appear in the Stone Age. You see a prehistoric drama. Here it is. Jungle is very dangerous, you know....


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