Job offer reminder letter sample in title

FCS Job Manager

First Choice Software

"Designed specifically for the recruitment industry. The purpose of the Job Export Manager is to Record jobs, and enable those Jobs to be...

Blue Worx

Business Letter Maker


Business Letter Maker includes more than 1000 typical business letter templates. With this software, you don't have to hire a business letter...

Internet Job Search Software Spider

Gelb Organization, L.L.C.

The Letterhead Kit-32

Science Translations Software

Business Correspondence Assistant for CorelWordPerfect 9,8, & 7. Customizes letterheadson-the-fly, adds scanned signatures and anyof 30 special...

Job offer reminder letter sample in description

Ulta+ 2003

Nationwide Auto Services Ltd.

In development for the past 10 months, ULTRA+ 2003 is a completely new software package bringing to you all the functionality of our previous...

FinePrint (for Windows 95/98)

FinePrint Software, LLC

A regular Windows printer driver for printing and enables you to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper. It provides a print preview of the...

Resource Director

Entech, Inc.

Tracks all elements of employee training and job requirements. Reminders of class schedules, export to Outlook, training refresher reminder, and...

Mail Commander Deluxe

InternetSoft Corporation

Easily create, personalize marketing campaigns in-house, send invitations, auto-reminders & notifications, process surveys. Program provides a...


calendar,opportunitiesDesigned for the small business this level entry CRM software offers contact management,a fully integrated...

Active Date Manager

Fly3 Software, Inc.

How to plan the day of our life? Try Active Date Manager - powerful personal information manager and daytimer software. This smartly developed and...

Job Site Builder

Mustafa Kemal

Job Site Builder 2.5 was created for organizations engaged in recruiting and job seeking. The site allows an easy registration as for JobSeekers so...

Xceed Encryption Library

Xceed Software Inc.

Xceed Encryption Library is an ActiveX component that allows Windows applications to encrypt and decrypt data using the latest industry standard...

Keyboard Express

Insight Software Solutions

Keyboard Express is a robust Windows keyboard macro utility that saves time and reduces errors by automating repetitive computer tasks. Record...


Claus Wagner

Creator "Job Site" 2.5 was created for organizations engaged in recruiting and job seeking. The site allows an easy registration as for...


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