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FlashBux Clone Script Security+ enables you to run a full featured, secure, GPT(Get Paid To) site easily and at a low cost. iDemso FlashBux Clone Script - GEN4 Clone is a sofware development company that develops and supports the FlashBux Security+ GPT/PTC/Bux script. FlashBux Clone Security+ is coded using strict standards and with the customer in mind. You can easily edit a theme, create a new one, add new features, or use FlashBux Clone Security+ as the base for a brand new idea. We support our script and release free updates consistently to address any possible issues. When you use FlashBux Clone Security+, you also get our extensive experience when you need help. We're here for your success. Setup: 5 minute installation time. Guided setup with an installer. Complete support available for any issues. Supported by most webhosts. No technical knowledge necessary. Security: Built in Security+ system: Automatically keeps your site safe from all threats. Solid script core against hackers and cheaters. Enable security options such as secondary passwords, cashout pin, and recovery questions. View user information, IP address, and more. Receive warnings if someone attempts to exploit your site with their IP address. Multiple security checks for all procedures and transactions. Automated duplicate account finding system. Integrated bruteforce protection. Full customization for your security settings


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