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PPG is a powerful and stylish gallery of images written in as3. With PPG you can simply create categories and add images in assets folder, and write (cut and paste) few lines in a XML file to make photo gallery work. No actionscript experience is needed. Features: - PPG is resizable to automatically fit browser windows; - Works with categories; - XML driven, and then easy to update; - Powerful full screen ZOOM; - You can also use PPG as a slideshow by pressing the play button; - Every image can have its own caption stored in XML file; - For easy use, you can set THUMBMODE switch: PPG will make and display thumbs images for you; - Images AUTOSIZING to fit viewer windows. You don't have to resize your images. PPG does this for you, so every image in gallery will be adapted to viewer window size with the correct proportion scaling; - PPG uses a clean preloader with percent both for images and thumbnails; - PPG comes with a stylish interface but you can modify it by work on assets in the library; - Fully commented code! Also, PPG class is highly customizable and adaptable to your projects, it uses TweenMax transitions engine (TweenMax classes are included since we are Corporate Club GreenSock member) .


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