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The WinTidy Editor is a powerful multi-threaded web development editor designed for HTML, Java, and Perl programming. WinTidy is easily customized, handles huge files, and includes powerful validation and beautification tools. Integrated browser, Java support, DOS, UNIX, Mac file formats. Print options include 'two-up' printing, syntax coloring, and line numbers. It's easy to take advantage of WinTidy's many features. WinTidy's design is intuitive, allowing you to avoid the pitfalls of learning a new program. Its slick, simple interface includes customizable menus, toolbars, and keyboard settings. WinTidy includes powerful editing features including column blocks, drag and drop editing, bookmarks, split-file editing, and global search and replace.In order to generate enough income to pay for the downloading bandwidth required to give this program away, along with the occasional cup of coffee, we reserve a small area at the top of the program's screen to show banner advertisements. If you don't wish to see the banner ads, you can purchase an ad-free copy ($39.95).We do not collect any personal information while you use The WinTidy Editor, and when you uninstall the program or install the registered version, all advertising support is removed from your system.


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