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The data are taken from XML file, with a simple structure... easy to configure. Variables that you can change: ActiveHeight The height for the picture when is it active (when it is on front) InactiveHeight The height for the picture when is not active (when it is on the back) ActivePicture picture that you want to be active when the file loads borderSize set the size of the picture border ... if borderSize=0 then you will not have a border just the simple picture backgroundColor set the color for the border backgroundOverColor set the color for the border when mouse is over the picture pictureSpacing set the spacing between pictures ZoomSpeed set the speed for the zoom in/out effect MoveSpeed set the move speed for the pictures mirrorDistance set the distance between the picture and the mirror autoFlow true/false (if you want to have an auto image flow or not rand true/false if on auto image flow you want random change pictures or not time value for the time when the pictures is rotated titleFormat set the text format for the title (font/size/color) fillType type for the gradient fill on the background colorsBackground colors for the background gradient I offer full support for this component


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