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iNotesClipper is a notes clipper for students, professionals and just about every one who need to plan their reading and take notes while reading electronic material such as e-books, websites etc. or for those who need to do a purpose oriented reading. It's not just a notes clipper. It is a study-research tool. It is based upon speed reading techniques. It is also recommended for general purpose categorized notes taking. Basically, students and professionals who study online or through any other electronic media that allows them to copy text can use iNotesClipper. iNotesClipper helps you to backup all your e-books in one single file, plan reading, take notes while reading without need of switching between applications to copy, paste. It takes notes and organizes them according to the Reading, Chapter and Lesson tree. Notes from iNotesClipper can easily be printed or exported to various other popular formats for sharing and editing. iNotesClipper gives you freedom from reading and referencing thousand pages e-books again and again. With iNotesClipper you just need to browse through e-books and websites and just click-click to get useful information which could be studied and referenced later. It helps you to cut the crap out of the study material and thus, helps you reduce reading time by many folds. It is a must have resource for those pursuing professional courses. iNotesClipper is very easy to use so you don't have to waste hours figuring out how to use it. Just install, decide what to read, plan, and start reading...


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