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Webholmes is light yet powerful Internet file search agent. Search is carried out on the given filename by means of search engines such as Filesearching.com or FtpFind.com. Though this on-line tools are convenient enough, you can be never sure, that the retrieved file can be downloaded: data bases of retrieval computers can be out-of-date; servers to which they refer can be offline at present to time, etc. Thus, you may probably spend a lot of time, sifting tens links from different servers, before you find a working one. By using Webholmes, you will save a lot of time, because many operations that you used to do 'by hand' will be performed automatically. Webholmes will check validity of retreived links for you and measure access time for each link, so you will be able to select the best variant which will allow you to load the file as soon as possible. And all you need for that is just a single mouse click! Besides it, Webholmes presents the following unique features: - Simultaneous query of several search engines for increase of search speed; - Enable/disable usage of individual search engines on your choice; - Verification mode selection (advanced / basic); - Determine size and creation time of found files without downloading; - Verify individual links; - Multithreaded engine with customized threads quantity; - Export search results to a text file, to XML file, to HTML-page; - Updateable search engines database; - Possibility of manual addition of search engines to the database (for advanced users); - Intelligent self-learning search engine permitting to you to receive the best results at minimum expenses of time.

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