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SafePC will real-time defend and secure your system with Anti-keylogger, Program Firewall, Program CheckSum Guard and Registry Guard. It helps to protect your privacy and defends again virus, ad-ware, Trojans and spwware. SafePC secures your computer to prevent unauthorized programs, which can be Spy-ware, Virus, Trojan or ad-ware, from executing. It scans all running programs and displays the spying capabilities of the programs. All unauthorized programs are terminated and you will be alerted about program and it spying capabilities. SafePC real-time defend system protects your privacy and confidential information from hackers.. SafePC has an inbuild anti-keylogger module, which prevent keylogger from hooking your keyboard to capture all keyboard input. SafePC constantly monitors your programs and alerts you if they are modified. SafePC will alert you if the any of your authorized programs are or have been being modified during runtime and will terminate the program. In addition, SafePC also monitoring windows start up registry changes. Virus, Trojans, ad-ware or spyware like to add itself to the start up registry so that it can be activated every time the PC is turn on. SafePC detect changes in the windows start registry and alert you for action. SafePC also allow you to add registry keys, which you will like it to be protected. Why do i need SafePC? Is your computer being hack while reading this page? Ask SafePC. Note: 1) Spy-ware like keystroke monitoring programs and screen capturing can cause more harm and trouble then virus and ads-ware. You may not be spied on now, it better to be safe then sorry. 2) Base on a UK government survey on anti-virus, 99% of big company used anti-virus. However, 68% of the companies are still being infected yearly. This shows the effectiveness of conventional anti-virus. The survey can be view at 3) Learn more about your firewall at

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