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Ever had a virus on your computer without you noticing it until it was too late? You're not alone, as many have had their share of virusattacks over the last few years... ProcAlert will make life easier for you, while making it harder for virusses. ProcAlert acts like kind of a firewall. Instead of protecting your computer from attacks over the internet, it'll protect your PC from the inside out. All running programs will be monitored, and if a new program is being started, ProcAlert will ask you whether you want to allow the program to run. ProcAlert will make it possible to immediately terminate any virusses, trojan horses, or whatever malicious program. Manage which programs may run by using the easy-to-use list with permissions and other information about all programs. System administrators will appreciate the password-protection, which allows them to make it impossible to start certain applications without permission. Another interesting feature is the Computer Lockdown. Once enabled, no program can be opened anymore until it's turned off. This can come in handy to protect your computer when you're away... Filters will make it possible to allow or disallow certain programs by default. Stealth mode and password protection will make it harder for users to close ProcAlert. With ProcAlert, you can take back control of your PC!

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