Automation Utilities


Our vision is for MailRules to become the defacto international standard in the secure automated transfer and delivery of information via email, integrating current and future business processes or rules to maximise productivity. MailRules is a patent-pending push/pull technology that provides the infrastructure and tools to enable e-business communities. MailRules simplifies e-business on the Internet. This infrastructure enables companies to integrate, manage and automate business processes by exchanging business documents, data and information amoung applications within or across organisational boundaries.We are able to use MailRules to drive instructions (business processes) and information to remote computer systems from other Internet devices, such as WAP, PDA's, computers etc, and report back on the success of these processes. As an example, a computer support person could be notified by email to WAP device that the database server is 'down', the support person could instigate a MailRules command from their WAP device to rebuild the database. A very powerful tool, raises productivity and reduces overhead costs.


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