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Keriver 1-Click Restore Free is a very easy OS backup and restore software. This program has the following features: 1. Back up the operating system while you are using it. 2. It can makes incremental or differential backups after the initial full backup (i.e. only back up the changes which occurred since the last backup or the last full backup.) 3. Multiple snapshots: you can choose whichever snapshot to revert your system to. 4. Even system partition is fully formatted, it still can be reverted. 5. The backup drive can be hard disk, removable hard disk and USB flash drive as well. 6. It does not deteriorate PC system performance. 7. Ability to create a new baseline snapshot. 8. Ability for the user to assign a snapshot name when creating a new snapshot. 9. Ability to create backups in recovery console. 10. Supports 64-bit Vista and Windows 7.

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