Free Password Keeper

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Free Password Keeper enables you to manage a database of all your application, Web site, document, and other types of passwords. All your passwords are protected by a single master password, and your password database is compressed and encrypted to ensure security and portability. You can store a program name, username, password, e-mail, Web site, and a description for each password. You can also launch associated URLs and send e-mail messages. The program can export data to a CSV file, so you can import it into Excel, or you can export data to an HTML file. You can also print all the data. You can sort the data on program name, username, password, e-mail, web site, or description. If you want to find data, the search works on all fields, even the e-mail and URLs. You can run the program even from a floppy disk. No external DLLs are needed.


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