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EasyBCD is a powerful bootloader modification tool created to give end users complete control over everything that happens while Windows Vista starts up. It has the ability to set up multi- and dual-boot profiles for Windows Vista + Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and many more operating systems. With EasyBCD, users can quickly and easily get other operating systems up and running with Windows Vista with minimal pain and effort. EasyBCD allows users to backup and restore Vista bootloader settings (damage control), create automated MBR backups, add and remove entries from the Vista bootloader, change the BCD timeout period, rename entries, change the drives they point to, disable Windows Vista x64 driver signature checks, enable/disable NoExecute, PAE, and Debug mode for Windows. With the ability to limit the amount of CPU and Memory available to the OS, EasyBCD becomes the first and most efficient line of defense when setting up a Windows Vista system - all the changes are done *before* Vista boots and are inivisible to the operating system and the programs on it. EasyBCD is the only bootloader on the planet that gives end users full control over anything and everything that happens before their operating system boots, and supports more operating systems than any other bootloader on the planet. With EasyBCD, users can configure Windows Vista to boot into Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, ReactOS, SkyOS, OS/2, Unix, Dos, legacy versions of Windows, alpha versions of Windows Longhorn, and even Windows Server 2000, 2003, and Longhorn with a single click of a button - absoloutely painless...... and free!


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