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DirSync is a powerful tool designed to backup or synchronize files and folders smartly and quickly. It support run as service, bi-directional sync, scheduling, log, simulation, filtering, path variable and CRC32 etc. The synchronization is based on the policy user specified to copy those files which are different between source and target folders. Using DirSync you may define multiple jobs and execute them at scheduled time automatically and silently. There are many situations of using DirSync. For example, you can backup local working directories to safe place in a server, deploy or distribute files from one location to many other computers, synchronize data between desktop and laptop, backup your working data to external USB hard disk or flash disk etc. Features of DirSync: (1) Run as service (2) Job scheduling (3) Bi-directional sync (4) Simulation mode (5) Dynamic running info and detailed log info (6) Support path variables (7) Multiple filter types: include/exclude files, exclude folders, date, size, attributes (8) Support CRC32 comparison and validation (9) Use intermediate file while copying (10) Command line parameters (11) Thread priority (12) Error handling mechanism

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