Basic Icons for Vista

Shell and Desktop
Misc Icons


Basic Icons for Vista is a set of brilliant icons designed in the same style as Vista icons. With their help, you can spice up your software or website to create an eye-catching layout, which Vista users will find very familiar. The icons come in two versions: with or without shadows and delivered in various sizes and formats in 256 colors and 32-bit. Look at design in perspective and use the icons crafted in the same style as Vista icons. This icon set includes the next icons: save file, folder, recycle bin, full recycle bin, search, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, print, computer, undo, redo, refresh, info, question, warning, OK, apply, yes, add, delete, erase, remove, problem, disaster, repair, abort, stop, cancel, no, no entry, close, back, forward, lock, unlock, access key, keys and others.


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