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TxpWindow - This nonvisual component will allow you to make your forms similar on XP-window. Features: Gradient fill window caption,picture in title,Custom draw and custom buttons window title... TxpPanel - This component is advanced panel in WindowsXP style with title and client areas,gradient and bitmap filling, movable and sizable, with close/min/max title buttons. TxpPageControl - XP style PageControl with different tab styles (Tabs, Buttons, Flat buttons and XP-style),different tabs position (Top, Bottom, Left, Right), coloured tabs, gradient and bitmap filling tabs... TxpComboBox - This is enhanced version of TComboBox control that looks like WindowsXP ComboBox. Features: - Three styles supported: Standart, XP and Flat-style - Allows to assign Image for each item - AutoSearch property supported. You need type only first characters to select the item. - Different list background types: none, gradient, tiled image, stretched image - Different selector gradient filling - Button width changing Also package include TxpBitBtn, TxpButton, TxpCheckBox,

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