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Block Spyware,Adware,IEPlugin For Ever! Best Browser Companion! The iESpa is a expert of plugin Blocking which can Block 995 IEplugins and you can Block Spy/Adware/IEPlugin For Ever Quickly And Safely!Also,the iESpa has a powerful malicious Website Filter module and System Monitor and System Monitor which makes you avoid from virus or malicious program.Not only Blocking but also can iESpa Remove the plugin installed in your computer or Disable them at all.You can also Set your custom IE and Reset/Repair general system problem easily,Detecting Active Ports of process and Erasing online Trace/software History besides. The iESpa can working in any Windows Operation System,the System Monitoring module is available with IE(Internet Explorer) or any browser based on IE kernel such as Maxthon or GreenBrowser and so on.

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