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Wireless Protector is automatically disable wireless and endpoint devices on computers that connected to the company network by LAN cable and re-enable the devices when the LAN cable is disconnected from the protected computers. The Workgroup version supports 10 wireless computers. Wireless Protector is acting as a server to all protected computers and can be deployed through the software management console or through any 3rd party deployment system by using the software deployment MSI package. The software powerful engine can secure any number of computers by installing a remote service on the protected computers. The software support Windows or Mac-OSX operating systems and can protect the following devices: Bluetooth, DVD/CD-ROM, Firewire, Imaging, Infrared, Modems, Ports, R-Disks, R-USB, Sound and Wireless 802.11 / Broadband network devices. Wireless Protector key features: Provides wireless auto switch and endpoint security. Support Windows 7, XP, Vista and Mac-OSX operating systems. Prevent docked computers from using un-trusted connections and duplicate network resources. Support Bluetooth, DVD/CD, Firewire, Imaging, Infrared, Modem, Port, R-Disks/USB, Sound, Wireless devices. Support multiple redundant servers including first available or first responsive options. Automatically disable wireless and endpoint devices when connected to LAN network. Automatically re-enable or stay disabled options when active Ethernet adapters exist. Support automatic active protection discovery and scanning of network computers. Support remote control administration console with permissions. Support automatic DHCP release of disabled wireless devices. Support client protection service unstoppable mode option. Support automatic actions and exporting capabilities. Support enhanced statistics and reports.


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