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Shows you all active connections and opened ports at your computer, lets you operate with them easy! NETSCAN PRO is a real advanced TCP/IP monitoring tool which will help you to watch and control all network activity at your computer while you work in the Internet or any other TCP/IP based network and keep your computer safe from unattended connections from outside! Everyone knows that when you work in the Internet your computer negotiates with a lot of other different computers, servers, gates and etc. But what are those thousands of other computers? And who is connected to you at the moment ? Are you sure that it's some real web or server you were intended to work with and NOT SOME HACKER trying to brake in your computer?How can you see what's going on behind your back while you just browse your favorite Web site or talk to your friend via ICQ,IRC or any other of the applications you use each day? NETSCAN PRO will answer all these questions and will help you to be always aware.


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