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LabControl lets you view the state of your computer lab with visual icons "realtime" and provides outstanding online management options for all the computers in your lab. With built-in remote admin utility, you can use any computer in yor lab just like you are sitting in front of that computer. But this is just a start; LabControl has many other online management options that range from file transfers to setting sound volume. Locking computers (a locked computer cannot be used until it is unlocked), WakeonLan and AutoShutdown idle computers are also supported. With a very easy to use interface (just right click on a computer's icon and select an operation from the popup menu), LabControl will be the most useful employee in your Lab. LabControl is powerful, stable and configurable. Just setup client software on the computers you want to control, then run LabControl's built-in network scanner once, and the power is in your hands.


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