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BitComet Speed Booster is a new add-on for a popular client BitComet for a file sharing P2P network BitTorrent. Convenient and reliable, it will boost torrents download speed many times by optimizing bandwidth usage and connection configuration. BitComet Speed Booster is tightly integrated with Bitcomet and has a plenty of features to make user’s file sharing experience even better. Best of these features are: resuming of broken, checksum verification to detect files downloaded with errors and removing such incorrect files. Easy configuration will add even more convenience to BitComet users – in one click you can schedule automatic disconnection from the Web or shutdown PC after all downloads were successfully finished. BitComet Speed Booster is a small fast and useful tool with easy to use interface and minimal OS resource consumption. BitComet Speed Booster is a FREEWARE, so all improvements for BitComet are Completely Free for you and will not hit your pocket!

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