SQLConsole (SQLC)

Information Management
Computer Information Databases


SQLConsole (SQLC) creates SQL queries using drag and drop Visual Query Builder for every database (ODBC). As easy as dragging and dropping tables and joins the most complex of queries can be developed in mere minutes. Full support for correlated subqueries, totally configurable SQL functions and target mapped function drag and drop operations. SQL editors are context sensitive providing auto-complete of SQL keywords and table or view columns. SQLC provides the end user with a fully integrated set of development tools for data manipulation and data definition. Complete with a metadata view of the underlying data structure, the end user is presented with a total overview of the data environment. Visual Query Builder which provides you with a modeling environment to visually create the most complex of SQL queries in mere minutes. With drag and drop functionality you can quickly and easily build an SQL query comprising of all manner of joins, search conditions, functions and even with an unlimited numbers of subqueries. Connection Manager maintains an interactive list of all open database connections and the metadata associated with each connection in a dockable window called the Connection Manager. The information presented in the Connection Manager is central to all other operations within SQLC. Intelligent Auto-Complete feature that allows you to "auto-complete" reserved words and keywords with a simple keystroke. Context Sensitive Editing monitors editor contents and keystrokes and will display a selectable list of table columns whenever the "dot" separator character is typed after a table alias or table name. Unlimited Email Support is provided for all registered users of SQLC with free upgrades


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