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Recipes 3000 is the only program that you will need to manage all of your recipes. We have over 30,000 recipes on our website that you can import into Recipes 3000! Instead of hearing "What's for supper?" you'll be hearing "Let me help you find a new recipe!". This program is fun and easy to use. You can get the whole family involved in deciding what to eat! Recipes 3000 is freeware. That means there is no cost to you. Many people are now skeptical when they find software that is free, and rightly so. Companies are using Spyware to monitor your computer activities. Recipes 3000 contains NO SPYWARE! It is safe to install on your computer. We do not believe in monitoring your actions on your computer without your knowledge. That is totally dishonest. Recipes 3000 can do the following: Add new recipes Edit recipes Easy searching capabilities Print recipes Create an endless number of recipe books for easy reference Import recipes that you find on the Internet Import recipes found on our website - over 30,000! All free! Backup your recipes - This includes easy backup to a CD! The free download contains around 5500 recipes. You may freely download all of our recipes at no charge.


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