Kotori Chicks'n cats



Lead hundreds of chicks to safety ! How ? By showing them the way through a world of pits, traps and... cats. The chicks Same brain as a chicken... but a bit smaller. Too stupid to see the danger, the baby chicks blindly jump into the traps if you don't help them. But you can help them by putting funny items on their way and so directing them to the finish gates. The obstacles With those chicks, you're about to learn what "fragile" means. Their hen house is full deadly traps you must help them to avoid. - Simple pits where chicks can fall and crash. - Sharp stakes that make perfectchicks skewers. - Blazes that roast little cute yellow birds. - ...and CATS, the true bird-eating war machines ! Your tools Fortunately, you are not barehanded ! Tools come in large amounts to help you in your fight for chick's safety. - floors to close the pits or walls to block the dangerous paths - cosy cushions that absorb the highest falls - drills that dig through walls and floors - road signs to redirect birds (but not cats...) - and FORKS, the ultimate weapon vs claws and fangs ! The game First a TRAINING mode show you the main game features. Then, the ADVENTURE mode depicts the saga of a chick's life through 49 levels of softly increasing difficulty. In the SURVIVAL mode, you'll have to go through 55 levels with 100 chicks without losses, if possible... And for the bravest, the dreadful ULTIMATE level... And much more... Huge springs that throws chicks and cats high in the sky... Extra-dimensional doors that teleport to distant places... All that is in Kotori. Kotori Chicks and Cats is a puzzle-action game where a clever mind always prevails over fast mouse clicks. An easy game for all the family.


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