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Antagon is a turn-based reflexion/strategy game (freeware), in which two distant players can confront each other online. Here are the game rules: Each player leads a team (red or blue), The two teams confront each other on a 6*6 squares board, Each team incorporates 3 pawns. The pawns, while moving along, paint the squares they stride with the color of their team. Once there is no neutral square left, the victorious team is the one which holds the greater number of squares of its color. Hazard partially interferes with the game, insofar as pawns move according to a 4 squares long traject, traject which has a random shape (like in Tetris, for instance). At each turn, you have about 20 seconds to make a move. Held squares can be recaptured at any moment by the adversary. The edges of the board are "open": when a pawn, during its move, hits an edge of the board, it lands on the opposite edge. So reversals can happen very frequently, to the end of the game. The game can be played with the keyboard, Three game modes are available: - Network game (which permits to play against other players through the web) - Game against computer (3 difficulty levels) - Demo mode (the computer plays against himself) The game requires the installation of a module (available on Network game requires to open an account on the game website ( Once the game module is launched, you have to identify yourself to the server, in order to see who is online, invite players, or be invited. More details can be found on


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