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Everest Poker is the first multi-lingual and multy-player online poker room application of the world. The software is translated into more than eleven languages. A 100$ bonus is ready for every new player! Here you can find 24h, thousands of players from all of the world! Ring games, single table and multitable tournaments are available. EverestPoker is novice-friendly, with an interactive tutorial and training room. You can play just for fun or real money! Upon registration, players can decide what personal information to reveal in their profile, such as age, gender, country of origin and language. Players can also choose their avatar, or "character," that appears at the table, and change it at any time. Advanced Everest Poker features include extensive game history for both Real Money and Free Play, hand statistics in the game, detailed results summary, best hand display (mouse over cards and see the best hand you have!) and a chat: the software allows international players to bypass language differences by communicating via keyboard "F" keys. For example, F1 = Nice hand, F2=Thank you, F4=Good bet, etc. When players use "F" keys to chat, the phrases automatically display in each player's native language.

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