RemoteDatabase Manager



Remote Database Manager (SQL Version) is a great way to manage all your SQL databases, whether they are on your computer, on your network, or even on your web server. It provides a powerful query tool, that can save and load queries, and has a structure analyzer to help you remember your column names and data types. It also provides automatic backups and a data restoration wizard. Stop entering your log in information into untrusted 3rd party websites to manage your online database! Product Features: Extra Security -- Give you the ability to manage your database without using a web-based 3rd party interface. It runs securely on your computer, and uses direct connections to your databases. View \ Edit \ Update \ Delete -- Gives you complete control over your data. You can save and load custom queries for quick access to your data. Automatic Backups -- Back-up your data at intervals you select. You can run your backups at night to save bandwidth. Restore Wizard -- Restore your tables and data quickly and correctly in the event of a deleted or corrupted database. Data Export -- Export results of queries, or the contents of entire tables. Create data files that can easily be imported to Excel. Structure Analyzer -- Helps you remember your table and column names, and what type and size your columns are.

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