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GIF to PDF Converter especially designed to convert GIF photos into PDF format. GIF to PDF conversion application has interactive GUI and option to convert batch GIF images into PDF document on a single click. GIF to PDF converter program convert GIF files into PDF format very easily. GIF to PDF conversion utility convert all photos, images, pictures and snapshot into PDF file, which are in .GIF file extension. GIF2PDF creator tool create PDF document of all .GIF file format. GIF 2 PDF converting utility is very fast, quick, affordable and easy to use PDF application that is specially designed to batch convert GIF to one PDF document, containing all the listed pictures or individual PDF files. This application has the ability to change any GIF file format to PDF file. Features: * Friendly and self explaining step-by-step user's interface allows you to convert GIF file into PDF document. * If you have multiple GIF files to convert, you can select batch GIF files for converting in once. * GIF to PDF converter tool support all pictures, photos, images, snapshots, stills, photographs, snaps, and shots etc, which are in .GIF format for converting into PDF document. * GIF2PDF creator has option to create PDF document of all the listed photos in one PDF document containing all the pictures or individual PDF files. * Application has all type of setting options, such as picture size, page size, page margin and many more. * Program provides a very convenient, simple way to compose electronic Books which can then be issued to the Web. * GIF 2 PDF has very faster processing speed and operates independently without Adobe Acrobat. * Allows selecting as many GIF files as you like.


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